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Social Worker in Health Care Setting

Post ini diunggah pada akun medium saya pada 10 September 2017.

for 2,5 month ahead start from Monday until Friday i am working as a part of Medical Social Worker team in Hasan Sadikin General Hospital Bandung, West Java. The orientation begin since last week. There are many interesting topics that i found when i was working since last week.

First, Social Worker is unknown. Even though we have a room and we have clients that come to us everyday for five days. We are still is unknown. We work as a team in Rehabilitation Installation with other profession such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapist, doctors and so on. Rarely other medical personnel in another installation knows us. Even if they know us, they only tell “social worker? the one who help those poor people?” Yeah, they only knows one of our job.

Second, we often equated with psychologists even thought we are completely different. To make it simple one of my lecturer once said, “The difference between Social Worker and Psychologists is Psychologists only focused their assessment to the person only. To know how deep the problem is the main characteristic for psychologist. While Social Worker focused on how the environment affect the people. How their significant others affect their own lives. How they can perform certain task and roles in lives. Helping people to help them self

Third, jack of all trades but master of none. We do counseling, we do therapy, we do administration job, we do a home visit, i learn sociology, i also learn psychology. Yeah, not much to say but we do a lot of things as SW, we also learn a lot of thing in college but not too deep. It makes us jack of all trades but master of none.

even though all of my words above sound negative, i do love this profession. There’s something special when we can help people to help them self. There’s something unique when we can help our clients to have a normal social live. There’s this weird feeling when you help a dad to be a dad for his family, help a mother to be a mother for her children, help a child so they can interact with their parents or friends.

one thing we must not forget as a Social Worker. Always remember that our priority is to make client can do their roles and task in society. To make client social functioning back to normal.


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