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Sexual Abuse is not a Joke

Tulisan ini dibuat pada tanggal 7 April 2018.

I remember when i worked as a social worker intern in one of the biggest hospital in west java. One day there is a client in a wheelchair that come with her caregiver. they come from P2TP2A. P2TP2A (Pusat Pelayanan Terpadu Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Anak) is a government program that provide integrated service for woman and child empowerment.
So as an intern i interviewed her, from personal information such as name to her problems and why did her come to us. There are very little information comes out from the client. So her caregiver is the one who give an answer to us. The caregiver tell us about client past history until why P2TP2A handle this client case.
The client is a rape victim, and the one who raped her is her father.
Yup you heard it right. Her father from the caregiver observation looks like have some kind of disability. The client lives with her father and her little sister. The worst part is her father rape her in front of her little sister. So her little sister also get traumatized and afraid to go home.
The client now forgets about that event. She forget it all. When i ask her, she only answer “duka” which means i don’t know. I was thinking until this day that was her coping strategy to handle that tragedy, to forget it all. The client can’t do her daily activities alone. She can’t use her walker to help her walk, she can’t fold her shirt, she doesn’t want to play with others children.
after the interview, i ask her to do something in P2TP2A shelter house. I ask her to try to use her walker to walk and i ask her to do her daily activities alone. I promise her that i will bring her cakes and doll if she do the task, as a part of positive reinforcement.
in the next week i come to her shelter house to meet her with cakes and doll in my bag. I ask her, “do you remember me?” she answer “no, i don’t”. But when i show her cakes and doll she tell me “Yeah, i do remember you mister” with smile on her face. I ask her “did you do your homework?
She yell to her little sister to bring her walker and in front of me she start to walks using her walker. I am happy for her, because she can follow her little sister when playing with the other children. I also ask her “did you do your daily activities alone? such as brush your teeth, or take a bath.” and she answer “Yes i do mister.” So i confirm this to her caregiver and the caregiver tell me, “yes, she try to do her daily activities alone.” Now i am proud of her.
So i give her the cakes and the doll, as a part of my promise. I also ask her to socialize with her friends in the house, if she want more cakes.
Sexual abuse is not a joke. The childrens that traumatized can get very quiet about it and it is our job as a community to help them. The younger ones need our protection from sexual abuse. The case above is one of the case that could happen to us, our family, our neighbour or even our loved one.

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