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Tulisan ini dibuat pada 13 April 2018

This afternoon i was invited to be a facilitator in Cintaasih Village, Gekbrong District, Cianjur Regency. My friend wants me to help him to give a little insight to the members of PKK (Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga), for this opportunity i gladly accept it.

i start to write and gather the information i needed to be a facilitator about leadership especially from woman perspective.

First of all, i discuss with the members of PKK about patriarchy culture in Indonesia. I show them the data in one of the region in Indonesia where the majority of wifes are working and the husband just stays at home doing nothing.

Then i asked them to see patriarchy culture from wider perspective. I asked them “how many womans president Indonesia had since our independence?.” They said “only one, her name is Megawati.” and then i asked them again “did she became a president through an election?” and they said, “no, she didn’t. She became a president because our president Gus Dur was removed from office in 2001.”

“So, why there are only a few womans that want to be a leader in our country? are the womens afraid? or the people of Indonesia doesn’t want to choose a woman as a leader?”

one of them answered, “maybe, because the men are afraid if womans hold an important position in our system.” and i said, “yes i do, i am afraid if womens hold an important position in our system; but i don’t know why i have to be afraid. Maybe because i know that womens can also be a great leader and make us looks weaker.”

and then i discuss with them about womans stereotype, sexual harassment and gender equality  in Indonesia because of our patriarchy culture; Womans especially in Indonesia often experienced it.

move to the next slide i showed them the picture of two woman. R.A Kartini and Susi Pudjiastuti.

R.A Kartini is Indonesia national hero and also a pioneer to make womans have the same rights as a men especially in education.

Susi Pudjiastuti is Indonesia’s Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

i asked them to describe R.A Kartini and Susi with one adjective, all of them said “tough”.

After that i discuss with them about what makes an effective leader. Why i really want to discuss about effective leadership? because i think everyone is a leader at least for him/herself; the differences between a good and a bad leader for me is how they can get maximum results with limited resources. It is for me, so if you have any other criteria to tell someone is a good leader, then you do you.

in the last slide i share my opinion about our final goals why we need many more womans leader in our country. to change our policy. So mens and womans can have the same rights. So mens and womens can be equal. and mens and womens of Indonesia can make Indonesia to be 1st world leading country in the future.


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