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Bullying, An Event That We Share

Post ini pernah diunggah di akun medium saya pada 29 Juni 2016.

We know that bullying is the worst issue of our society. It’s incredible such a problem still goes on today. Especially in the internet era, when everyone can say anything about someone or something even we don’t really know who are the one say/write it.

In Indonesia bullying is also a problem. Last month in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. 3 Students got denied to be able to graduate from high school because they beating and thrashing their junior. In Indonesia bullying also happen in YouTube and another internet media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Here are some picture about bullying that happen in YouTube Indonesia.

So basically what happen is the YouTuber upload a video about mail time. She only has 10 subscribers on her channel, and there are a lot of people who do not believe that she got a present from her subscriber. Some of them call her delusional and call her ugly. There are a lot of negative comment on that video. Even if she got present not from her subscriber, what right do we have as a human being to judge her?

I am also a victim of bullying when I was younger and pretty sure I know her feeling when she gets bullied by another “keyboard warrior”. I think she is about 10–15 years old, she still has a future waiting. what can we do if she commits suicide because of your ignorant word? what is our responsibility if she locked herself in her room and doesn’t want to eat? People nowadays are so pathetic. Making another people look bad doesn’t make you look good. Calling other people ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.

So as a human being that want to have a better world. Please be wise when you want to say or write something to another people. Not everyone on the internet has a good day, so please be nice and make the world a better place for us.

I read an article about a teacher that explain bullying to her students with a beautiful and powerful way. Here is the link to the article. Click Here


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